Why do you do this stuff, Commissioner Mike?

When I moved to Roan Mountain, Tennessee in 1999, I was immediately drawn to her beauty, and her raw, unbridled potential. Twenty years later, when I met my dreamboat wife Melissa, she saw the same things in Roan Mountain that I did, and so she moved here too. I married her almost nine years ago, so then I had two things in my life over which I have absolutely zero regrets. We have two twelve-year-old daughters, Eleanor and Sophia, who are planning on careers in Marine Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Art, Dinosaur Stuff, Programming or Rock Starring, depending on when you ask them. 

The compelling thing about raw and unbridled potential, is “how do we unlock it? I have made a career out of asking two questions: “Is it as good as it can be?, and “are people happy with it? You can apply these two questions to everything from fine art to community building. I enjoy both pursuits quite a bit. This Roan Mountain Visitors Bureau project is my love letter telling the world about my mountain home town. For the past two years, I have taken a portion of the admittedly low stipend we get as Carter County Commissioners, and paid for this domain. I believe the best way to unlock our raw unbridled potential is to tell our story, and invite others to become part of it. I hope you will join me in tilting at this windmillit will be fun! With super affordable rates, wont you advertise with us and be part of the Roan Mountain Visitors Bureau? 

About Mike:

Hill studied at Appalachian State University in Boone North Carolina (back to back to back NCAA national champs), where he received a Bachelors degree in Commercial Art. After graduating, he returned to Boone where he spent a year studying Art Education at the gradute level. In 1989 at the age of 22, he incorporated and opened his own startup art business, Purveyors of Art & Design Materials Inc. He has continued to operate successfully in this enterprise for over 30 years.

Mike has served on many boards and initiated many community building projects, a pursuit he is very passionate about.
Hill strongly believes in coalition building... community organizations, corporate enterprise, local government, and small business are all critical to progress and prosperity in our mountain communities, and we should all talk often.

Among his accomplishments, Mike was the back-to-back 2002-2003 steel-tip dart champion of Hampton, Tennessee. He once got ordained minister in the Universal Life Church so that he could perform a marriage ceremony for some friends. He organized and curated annual community art exhibits in Boone and Banner Elk NC, and wants to organize a Plein Air Paint Out on the Tweetsie Trail someday. He was included in Who's Who among American business professionals in 1990, and is C.A.M.P. certified by the National Art Materials Association. He produced a bangin' coloring book featuring the actual actors in the Liberty! outdoor drama, raised about $5000 for the local battered women's shelter by auctioning off what was once referred to as "childish cartoons" by a nasty local elected official, and has made a life goal out of helping to fulfilling potential in all sorts of sensibilities.

Over the course of four years as commissioner, Mike infuriated approximately one dozen people, and concurrently endeared himself to a multitude of regular everyday folks who simply want to reach their full potential. A few of those once-offended people who eventually ended up signing his petition for re-election weee heard to say that he was "difficult to work with that time, but sure has done a whole lot of good for our town". Mike is exceedingly proud that he has been able to change some minds and make some friends during his time of service!

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